Saturday, January 23, 2016

What happened to 2015?

Long time no see!

I would apologise, but the absence of any updates for almost a year reflects the purpose behind my lack of activity. It was a year intended for a resetting of goals and dreams, of an exploration of my own creative story and where it's headed now, as well as one of new experiences and adventures.

To do this, I had to disconnect from this world and, by result, yourself for some time.

I sold most of my possessions and moved to Toronto, a city where I knew no one and had never been before.

I've been to New York three more special times, two of those visits to write and record. The third to soak up its aspiration for fulfilling dreams.

I went to Montreal: city of derelicts, indulgence and the biggest music festival I'd been to.

I went to Cuba, a place full of contradiction, paradox, hope and mistrust.

I took a job in a coffee shop, learned a good espresso and read the most books ever in a single year of my life.

I experienced my first snow storm, first wonder of the world, caught just one cold, never swam in the ocean, saw my first chipmunk, raccoon and snake, walked across a frozen lake and made more new friends than I have in years.

With a new year now upon us, I am determined to share my musical journey once again and 2016 looks like one that will have plenty of new songs for you to hear.

I'm also committing to creating a new way to give back to the New Zealand music industry. To inspire and help young creatives find meaningful ways to live their music.

So, watch out and please keep in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

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