Friday, October 17, 2014

Go Veg - past halfway

I'm now 17 days and past the halfway mark in my foray into the world of vegetarianism - and I'm still alive!

I have to admit, the first week was a battle - less with the culinary options and more with the side effects of ingesting so many beans, chickpeas and other highly fibrous veges.

In the midst of rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar, and often in close quarters with others in the cast of around 30, it wasn't particularly ideal to feel more like a gas giant than a terrestrial planet.

However, by convincing the director that I was best suited to being positioned by myself in a lot of scenes, I managed to strategically avoid group shame and embarrassment.

Now that my body has adjusted to the new diet, I'm far more comfortable AND socially acceptable!

Over the past few weeks I've discovered a deep love of falafel-based meals as well as red pastas loaded with chickpeas, beans, greens - sometimes with a touch of Bovril to simulate the beefiness of a bolognese. Using the wonder that is coconut oil to cook with also adds that touch of extra flavour to almost every meal.

To avoid what seems like more drastic energy crashes, I've learned to snack a bit more frequently than normal on almonds and other nuts.

Tonight I'm planning a big green curry with tofu, kumara, chickpeas, green beans, carrot and asparagus. With some brown rice this should hand me all my protein requirements and also set me up for lunches for next week's rehearsals.

If you haven't tried this vegetarian thing before, I swear it's easier than you think and satisfying to know that I'm helping save the lives of animals that would otherwise be killed in excess and in cruel processes.

If you want to join in for the next few weeks, more info can be found here:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Going Veg!

A fact I previously knew nothing about is that October is "World Veg Month".

The way I see it, World Veg Month promotes a more considerate approach to our eating - in regards to animals, our health and even some causes of environmental degradation.

Now, I'm a pretty typical red-blooded Kiwi guy who has never been too fussy or selective about food.

However, over the past few years, I've become more enlightened to the world of food processing and it's effects on animals and the environment - as a result, I eat less meat than I used to, only buy free range bacon and eggs and dabble a lot more in vegetarian and vegan options when I eat out.

However, I am thoroughly addicted to chorizo and those little cans of tuna are so easy to add to rice and pasta...

So when it was suggested to me to try out a 30-day challenge to go meat-free, I thought...well, I'll give it a go!

One reason why I was a little concerned is that I'm in the middle of rehearsals for the Kensington Swan season of Jesus Christ Superstar here in Auckland - a change in routine and demanding schedule is never easy so add a change in diet as well and I'll be challenged for sure.

It looks like I'll be targeting easy, energy and protein-rich meals as much as I can.

Today is the first day of the challenge, one which I'll keep you up to date with via this blog. I'll try to post my feelings around the change in diet as well as any choice recipes that come my way.

It'd also be awesome if anyone reading this can relate and send me their favourite veg recipes to try out.

If you feel like joining me on this journey, there is information and recipe packs available at the Go Veg site where you can also make the pledge to join the cause and receive support as you go.

First meal = breakfast....nice and easy. Toast!