Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bad Philosophy - how to play on guitar and lyrics

Hey all,

I've now posted a quick, basic guide on how to play my song, Bad Philosophy, on an acoustic guitar.

It's very simple, as you'll see, so hopefully you can all have a jam with it. If you do record anything, I'd love to hear it, so feel free to post it on my Facebook or Twitter feed.

Bad Philosophy

They’re calling my name it’s been an hour or two, oh oh
But I don’t complain cos now I’m seein’ you, oh oh
I’m second in line I got a point to prove, uh huh
But now I got time I will be winning and winning and winning

And you’ll be good to me, with just a little bit of bad girl philosophy
I’ll get you to be good to me, with just a little bit of bad boy philosophy

I woke up this mornin’ I was seein’ stars, oh oh
Yeah you be performin’ glad I took that chance, oh oh
But what can I say, I haven’t given you all, uh huh
You’ll know when I do, cos you’ll be beggin’ and beggin’ and beggin’


Well now that I know you girl, I just want more, you know I’m just so sure, I’m gonna be:
Winning and winning and winning and winning
And beggin’ and beggin’ and beggin’ and beggin'

Oh, my bad philosophy x4



Monday, May 5, 2014

'Writer's Block' - songwriting and production workshop

If you're interested in how I've written and produced my songs over the years or want to even work on ideas with me yourself, I am a mentor in a workshop that's taking place this coming weekend in Auckland.

AUCKLAND - Writer's Block info:

When - Saturday 10th May
Full day workshop - 10am - 5pm
Fee - $100.00
Where - The Auckland APRA AMCOS Office, Unit 113, Zone 23, 23 Edwin Street, Mt Eden, Auckland

A songwriting/producing workshop with a strong focus on pop music.

Vince Harder (singer, songwriter, producer)
Jeremy Redmore (Ex - Midnight Youth)
Inoke Finau (NOX - Illegal Musik producer)
Erakah (singer, songwriter)

All mentors will share their experiences and processes and work with you to develop your songwriting.

The day will consist of a presentation from each mentor and then an interactive session, where you will be asked to collaborate with a group on either an existing song, or something completely new. The workshop is set to be a fun and supportive day that will be helpful for any aspiring songwriter/producer. We are looking forward to what "Writer's Block" will unearth.