Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - Thank You

As I sit here and watch the sun rise for the final time in 2014, I feel a satisfied man. And I’m a man full of thankfulness for the support you all have given me in enabling me to tick some serious boxes this year.

You helped me release my first solo album, my third to make the Top 10 in New Zealand.

You helped me host my second TV show - Smokefree Rockquest 2014.

You helped me play a lead role in my first ever theatre production - Jesus Christ Superstar - and helped make it a huge success.

You helped me start work representing causes I feel strongly about - S.A.F.E and APRA.

Most of all, you helped me to notch another year as a practicing creative in a society that does its best to make that task impossible.

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed playing a part in my journey and, like me, look forward to the adventures that 2015 hold. I can firmly say that the year ahead will be a life-changer and a sound-changer, so I can’t wait to share that transformation with you.

Thanks again and take care,


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stage & screen

I've spent much of the past six weeks or so locked inside rooms and studios and now it's finally time to share what I've been up to with you all.

Tonight it's opening night for the stage show I'm in - Jesus Christ Superstar - at Auckland's Q Theatre.

It's been a challenging, fun and enlightening experience rehearsing this show and working with so many talented actors, singers and crew members has been unlike anything I've done over the past decade of singing.

I can't stress how privileged I feel to be playing a role alongside some truly world class performers as well as how much you should try and get along to a show while the season is on.

The other challenge I recently took on was presenting my second TV show - this time the Smokefree Rockquest 2014 series which begins tonight on FOUR at 5:30pm.

This time around, the presenting gig was much more scripted and direct to camera as opposed to my other less formal role with BGTV.

The hardest part of this job was overcoming my 'almost-bitchy resting face'...well, more like 'concerned-looking resting face'. I quickly figured the best way to get a grin into my eyes was to picture one of a number of things in the camera lens: any of my nieces or nephews, any shreds video or the below picture of my dream dog (the big one).

Friday, October 17, 2014

Go Veg - past halfway

I'm now 17 days and past the halfway mark in my foray into the world of vegetarianism - and I'm still alive!

I have to admit, the first week was a battle - less with the culinary options and more with the side effects of ingesting so many beans, chickpeas and other highly fibrous veges.

In the midst of rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar, and often in close quarters with others in the cast of around 30, it wasn't particularly ideal to feel more like a gas giant than a terrestrial planet.

However, by convincing the director that I was best suited to being positioned by myself in a lot of scenes, I managed to strategically avoid group shame and embarrassment.

Now that my body has adjusted to the new diet, I'm far more comfortable AND socially acceptable!

Over the past few weeks I've discovered a deep love of falafel-based meals as well as red pastas loaded with chickpeas, beans, greens - sometimes with a touch of Bovril to simulate the beefiness of a bolognese. Using the wonder that is coconut oil to cook with also adds that touch of extra flavour to almost every meal.

To avoid what seems like more drastic energy crashes, I've learned to snack a bit more frequently than normal on almonds and other nuts.

Tonight I'm planning a big green curry with tofu, kumara, chickpeas, green beans, carrot and asparagus. With some brown rice this should hand me all my protein requirements and also set me up for lunches for next week's rehearsals.

If you haven't tried this vegetarian thing before, I swear it's easier than you think and satisfying to know that I'm helping save the lives of animals that would otherwise be killed in excess and in cruel processes.

If you want to join in for the next few weeks, more info can be found here:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Going Veg!

A fact I previously knew nothing about is that October is "World Veg Month".

The way I see it, World Veg Month promotes a more considerate approach to our eating - in regards to animals, our health and even some causes of environmental degradation.

Now, I'm a pretty typical red-blooded Kiwi guy who has never been too fussy or selective about food.

However, over the past few years, I've become more enlightened to the world of food processing and it's effects on animals and the environment - as a result, I eat less meat than I used to, only buy free range bacon and eggs and dabble a lot more in vegetarian and vegan options when I eat out.

However, I am thoroughly addicted to chorizo and those little cans of tuna are so easy to add to rice and pasta...

So when it was suggested to me to try out a 30-day challenge to go meat-free, I thought...well, I'll give it a go!

One reason why I was a little concerned is that I'm in the middle of rehearsals for the Kensington Swan season of Jesus Christ Superstar here in Auckland - a change in routine and demanding schedule is never easy so add a change in diet as well and I'll be challenged for sure.

It looks like I'll be targeting easy, energy and protein-rich meals as much as I can.

Today is the first day of the challenge, one which I'll keep you up to date with via this blog. I'll try to post my feelings around the change in diet as well as any choice recipes that come my way.

It'd also be awesome if anyone reading this can relate and send me their favourite veg recipes to try out.

If you feel like joining me on this journey, there is information and recipe packs available at the Go Veg site where you can also make the pledge to join the cause and receive support as you go.

First meal = breakfast....nice and easy. Toast!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New single - One Day Alone

The official music video for the third single from my debut solo album Clouds Are Alive is now live.

Produced as part of what we dubbed the "29 second project" - the video was created by seven different directors spanning the world from New Zealand to Brazil, to the USA, England and Canada.

Each director was given a key word to begin and end their 29-seconds of film in which they otherwise had complete creative control.

No director was aware of any other's creations and the song itself was only supplied as an instrumental version so as to avoid any direct narrative accounts.

CONTRIBUTING DIRECTORS (in order of appearance, keywords provided):
Daniel Daigle - "Glasses" & "Breakfast"
Abraham Pineda-Fischer - "Breakfast" & "Wine"
Edward Housden - "Wine" & "Dog"
Michael Humphrey - "Dog & "Book"
Lourenco Barsi-Gomes - "Book" & "Guitar"
Ian Gamester - "Guitar" & "Glasses"

Produced and compiled by: Michael Humphrey

Made with the help of NZOnAirMusic ( - chur!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Clouds Are Alive - Track-By-Track

Whenever I release an album I'm always asked to supply what's called a "Track By Track" - the story behind each song on the record - that's supplied to media ahead of release to supposedly help with stories and questions around its promotion.

It's a great way to reveal that bit extra about the songs but, for whatever reason, the media very rarely use the information.

So I've decided to share these with you on here since I already gave the media their chance to use it! I hope you enjoy the stories and that this can help you connect that bit more with the songs.

Bad Philosophy
This song was a massive production challenge for me largely because it’s a two-chord pop song. My goal was to make this track defy its own simplicity, so I gave it an unusual structure and stayed very patient with introducing the different tonal elements. It was originally written as a song-writing task I gave myself – “write a duet for a boy/girl pop duo”. Its catchiness then won even myself over and I decided to release it on this record. I still wanted a female voice on the track but got rejected by all the people I approached, so it’s just me, deal.

One Day Alone
This was the first track recorded for this album, one of two that made the cut, from a session with Wayne Bell at Roundhead Studios. We put a band together consisting of Wayne himself on drums, Marcus Lawson on bass, Brett Adams on electric and myself on acoustic guitar. I wrote the song in about 15 minutes and it didn’t take too much longer than that to record. Its ever-increasing tempo is evidence of its live tracking – a process that seems to work so well with the jaunty spirit of the song. Brett’s solo on this was a one-take wonder – he’s got to be the best guitarist in New Zealand in my mind.
(lyrically, it's basically like on the batchelor how there’s always some woman who keeps getting saved but never gets to go on a date with Chad or whoever. And so she’s forever exclaiming the chorus of my song to the camera guy, who’s saying the same thing in his head back to her.)

One Plus One
My Dad’s favourite song of mine. I wrote this around six years ago about a curious position I found myself in with two girls. Curious mainly because the words “two girls” and “Jeremy Redmore” are not used in the same sentence very often but also because I had never found myself in a position where I desperately wanted to take parts of two different people and merge them into one before.* I recorded two versions of this song – one full of slide guitar and Texas sunsets and this, more folk club, version. I love them both but this version, for me, has much more lyrical and musical symmetry.

* (it’s also about how everyone wishes there was a way to combine a panda with an elephant.)

Drag Me On Home
This was the first song I jammed out with the band that played on the majority of the record – Adam Tobeck on drums, Haddon Smith on bass, Jesse Sheehan on guitars and Matthias Jordan on piano. I like to think it was the one that won them over to putting everything into the project the way they did. For that reason, and that it sums up a large segment of my personal taste in music, it’s one of my favourites on the record. It’s about endings and beginnings, and about having someone there for you to tell you which is which. Like a banana – it took me 20-odd years of life for someone to tell me I’d been eating the ends, not the beginnings, of bananas first! Same with my first recorder class in primary school… or that could’ve just been me.

So Easy
I had seven days to record 11 songs towards this album just before Christmas last year. This was one of three we recorded, with the help of Leroy Clampitt, in one day and knocked out in a few hours. It’s a simple love song about how I believe all great relationships are ones that are incredibly easy to maintain. Haddon Smith played trumpet on this track, a feature that really makes it stand out and probably also makes it perfect for an 80s TV show theme. It’s also, vocally, the lowest in my register I’ve ever recorded.

Travellin’ Song
This was the first song we tracked at the Red Trolley session. Again, we recorded it live which works so perfectly for this song. There’s bundles of layers of percussion and harmony in there that give it that great campfire vibe. Music should be a communal experience and sometimes the best way to do that is to give everyone present in a room the ability to join in. This song does that and that’s why I love it so much.

Run, Run
This song is very much a call to my roots. There was no way I was going to completely turn my back on my song-writing style from the past and, for me, this song is a compromise between old and new. There are moments of boldness and grandiose in the production that hearken back to an older sound of mine but, ultimately, it’s a more introspective track. Meatloaf always speaks about how his songs are about teenage love affairs he never had – stories I can very much relate to. This song is from the point of view of that deprived kid, watching on as the girls he admires fall into the arms of one dickhead after another.

All I Ever Wanted
In the past I have always either been in bands or kept my song writing process within my own four walls. This was the first time I had ever sat down with an uninvested artist to try and write a song together. I worked with Jesse Sheehan on this track to try and create a vibe that wouldn’t have otherwise come naturally to me and I think we achieved that really well. This is a musically challenging song with great dynamics both vocally and instrumentally and I love how it blossomed. The vocals for this track were particularly daunting for me – I was six weeks removed from major abdominal surgery and 13 hours into a 14-hour day of recording just vocals with engineer Leroy Clampitt. In the end I was stoked with how it came out, but a healthy dose of honey and Laphroig helped one hell of a lot.

Another track from the Roundhead session with Wayne Bell and another live recording. This one took a fair few goes to nail down and even now it has its rough, hopefully character-full, edges. It’s a song about the growth of young love through the annual family pilgrimage to a Kiwi campground. I used to go to Waimarino, just outside of my hometown of Tauranga, to swim and kayak but I was always jealous of the people in tents who got to stay longer. It’s also one of the only songs in recorded music history to use the word toothpaste.

New, good love is like your first day as an intern at your dream company, there is nothing you won’t do to please and nothing is too hard because you have no expectation or experience - like a kind of hazing that you think is normal while it’s happening but people who look on think you’re crazy. One of my all-time favourite bands is Elbow and the final 1:40 is a huge nod in their direction.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Album launch gigs

I'm playing some shows to celebrate my album launch next week!!

July 30, Tauranga: at Major Toms w w Jesse Sheehan, drinks from 7pm, music from 7:45pm ($10 door sales only)

July 31, Auckland: at The Tuning Fork w Jesse Sheehan, drinks from 7pm, music from 7:45pm. Tickets can be purchased here:

More shows to be announced soon...

Come along, have a beer and celebrate these brand new songs with me!

Monday, June 23, 2014

So many new things...

It's a big week this week here in New Zealand and not just because it marks the beginning of the second half of a rainy winter - I have a lot of shiny new things to share with you.

1)  My debut solo album, Clouds Are Alive, is now available to pre-order via iTunes for just $14.99 and you'll immediately be able to download the first single, Bad Philosophy. Like the clouds in the sky, there's something for everyone on there. It'll all be seamlessly delivered to your warm embrace on July 25 if you get in now:

2) If you're into CDs - you can pre-order physical copies of the album via JB Hi-Fi or Mighty Ape plus I'll be announcing some special opportunities to pre-order personalised versions very soon.

3) The second single from my album, "Run, Run", is out now on NZ radio and iTunes - if you like running, buy it now and take it everywhere you go. I actually hate running, but I like guitars:

4) Finally, I can also reveal the video for the above-mentioned single - I hope you enjoy it as much as one of those hedgehog instagram accounts:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

NZ album and single details revealed

Today marks another massive milestone for me in this new chapter of my musical career.

After so much behind-the-scenes work and talk, I can now confirm that my debut solo album is called Clouds Are Alive and will be released in New Zealand on July 25.

Over the coming weeks I will be revealing insights into its conception with you and announcing pre-order details and events.

I can also announce that the second single from the record is called "Run, Run" and will be released in New Zealand June 20. As a way to tease this track, I've posted the original acoustic demo of the song along with the single artwork on my youtube channel and is viewable below.

In revealing the acoustic version of this track before the studio version, I'm hoping it will make for an interesting journey for listeners - to hear how a song can progress and grow. So please let me know your reactions when you hear each version.

Thanks again to all who have helped me get to this point - am so stoked that I can now say, 100%, that I have a new album out next month.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bad Philosophy - how to play on guitar and lyrics

Hey all,

I've now posted a quick, basic guide on how to play my song, Bad Philosophy, on an acoustic guitar.

It's very simple, as you'll see, so hopefully you can all have a jam with it. If you do record anything, I'd love to hear it, so feel free to post it on my Facebook or Twitter feed.

Bad Philosophy

They’re calling my name it’s been an hour or two, oh oh
But I don’t complain cos now I’m seein’ you, oh oh
I’m second in line I got a point to prove, uh huh
But now I got time I will be winning and winning and winning

And you’ll be good to me, with just a little bit of bad girl philosophy
I’ll get you to be good to me, with just a little bit of bad boy philosophy

I woke up this mornin’ I was seein’ stars, oh oh
Yeah you be performin’ glad I took that chance, oh oh
But what can I say, I haven’t given you all, uh huh
You’ll know when I do, cos you’ll be beggin’ and beggin’ and beggin’


Well now that I know you girl, I just want more, you know I’m just so sure, I’m gonna be:
Winning and winning and winning and winning
And beggin’ and beggin’ and beggin’ and beggin'

Oh, my bad philosophy x4



Monday, May 5, 2014

'Writer's Block' - songwriting and production workshop

If you're interested in how I've written and produced my songs over the years or want to even work on ideas with me yourself, I am a mentor in a workshop that's taking place this coming weekend in Auckland.

AUCKLAND - Writer's Block info:

When - Saturday 10th May
Full day workshop - 10am - 5pm
Fee - $100.00
Where - The Auckland APRA AMCOS Office, Unit 113, Zone 23, 23 Edwin Street, Mt Eden, Auckland

A songwriting/producing workshop with a strong focus on pop music.

Vince Harder (singer, songwriter, producer)
Jeremy Redmore (Ex - Midnight Youth)
Inoke Finau (NOX - Illegal Musik producer)
Erakah (singer, songwriter)

All mentors will share their experiences and processes and work with you to develop your songwriting.

The day will consist of a presentation from each mentor and then an interactive session, where you will be asked to collaborate with a group on either an existing song, or something completely new. The workshop is set to be a fun and supportive day that will be helpful for any aspiring songwriter/producer. We are looking forward to what "Writer's Block" will unearth.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Music video time

The music video for my first solo single, Bad Philosophy, is now floating around the internet and television worlds.

It was filmed in two places I've never been to before in my life - Pukekohe and Rotongaro. Yeah I'd never heard of Rotongaro before either and, just now, had to look it up's basically near that citadel of North Island culture, Huntly.

Pukekohe provided us with blue skies, sunburn, a quiet shopping district, a great bunch of extras and a lot of squashed fruit.

Rotongaro provided a place to blow stuff up, ridiculous Kiwi views and a torrential downpour which, when considering how much Rain FX costs, saved us a bunch of money.

I want to say a big thank you to Joe Hitchcock for directing the clip, his lovely wife Marama for producing/AD-ing, Ben Woollen as DOP, Moehau, Grant and Julia, Zac, Sascha, Sarah, George, Bailiee and Richard for their awesome work. Massive thanks also to our extras who gave their time and didn't mind that we soaked them to the bone and didn't offer them towels.

I hope you enjoy the visual addition to the track and it can accompany some true funtimes for you.


Bad Philosophy - available worldwide

Am happy to say that my first single Bad Philosophy is now available worldwide (except Australia) in all online music stores and streaming providers.

If any of you beautiful Australians want a copy, email me at and we'll work something out.



Friday, March 21, 2014

Bad Philosophy

It is with a huge sense of excitement that I can announce to you the first single from my upcoming self-produced solo album - it's name is Bad Philosophy.

The track will be heading out to New Zealand radio very soon and will be available for sale in New Zealand from April 11. For now, you can listen to the song via Soundcloud below.

Please let me know what you think - I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as I did creating it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One of those nights

I want one of those nights where my heart beats slower
I want to sit down with old photos and journals and tea

Where I think about friends who have slipped beyond my prescription
Where I think about lovers and smile and lovers I've screwed

I want one of those nights when sleep is a living
I want a friend to drop off something to pull

Where I go through boxes of birthdays and presents unflamed
Where I stroll through diaries and words that went unclaimed

I want one of those nights where sweat is my equal 
I want to feel like the only man in this avenue