Monday, March 11, 2013

Keep on Movin'

Firstly - I'd just like to say thanks heaps to all those who contributed to my Demo Wars over the past five weeks. It's been a great experiment and one that's generated a bunch of ideas and more knowledge on my songs and how they affect you guys.

NOW, I'd like to challenge you to another way of contributing and being a part of my musical journey.

The challenge is to create the artwork for the first single I'll release under my own name.

It's a challenge that involves only one stipulation - it must include your version, in any context or size, of the image below.

Basically, the one I like the best will be released as the digital artwork for the single and I'll even give the winner a sneak peak of the song itself before it's heard by the general public.

If this takes your fancy, please email me at for more information and other, more boring, requirements.