Monday, February 25, 2013

Demo Wars - Week Four (The Battle of You)

Well, it was close for most of the week, but it looks like Blitzed has taken out the title in the Battle of the Sun...I posted a picture of a can of DB Bitter on my HUGELY-followed Instagram account which may or may not have swung the balance.


We're taking it down a little for some slow tunes. These two are very similar in vibe and I could never use both on the same record unless some major changes were made to one. But, I'd be happy to use just one at this, again, I need your help deciding which is the luckiest.

No great stories behind these ones - they're love songs.

Thanks so much for your support with this little project so far my people, it's very much appreciated.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Monday, February 18, 2013

Demo Wars - Week Three (Battle of the Sun)

Two weeks into this experiment and I'm enjoying the feedback - I'm definitely getting a good idea of what songs get through to you guys.

We've had a slow week and a blues week - this week is a general upbeat week...summer-themed, which I think is highly appropriate. Both songs are pretty experimental in what I'm writing as well.

First up is a song I co-wrote with mates around a box of DB Bitter back when it was still 4%...glory days. I have since re-worked the lyrics/melodies and this version is yet to have its bass-line or guitar solo included in it, so it's still very basic. You'll get the idea though.

The second is a song I wrote during the absolute joke last summer was in New Zealand. I like to think this was my own little "sun-dance".

Just to remind you, these "Demo Wars" songs are ones which I am unsure about as additions to my proper recording sessions - you are very likely to influence whether they get there or not, so please don't hesitate to vote or, even better, leave a comment with your thoughts.


Exhibit A

Exhibit B


Monday, February 11, 2013

Demo Wars - Week Two (The Battle of the Blues)

Right - thanks to everyone for their feedback on week one of Demo Wars. It's all been super helpful so far and it's to be able to share these ideas with you.

Week One seems to have been fairly conclusive - So Easy took out the battle. I wrote that one whilst half-asleep in a hammock at the start of this crazy summer we're having in New Zealand - so maybe all the Kiwis can relate to the vibe right now.

This week sees two bluesy numbers vying for your acceptance - I think it could be a tough battle. One is an old one which some of you avid followers might recognise whilst the other is very new.

The first - Drain My Pockets Dry - was written about five years ago. I played it a few times live with Midnight Youth but the band never really bought it...which could be a bad omen! But I've re-worked it since then, and I've always loved it, so I'm giving it another chance.

The second is Bleached Blonde Hair which really needs a full band to get across where I want it to go - in the meantime it has some interesting backing vocals filling the gaps where Chuck Berry should be.

So here goes - listen away - and if you're just joining the fun now, feel free to wander back to week one to have your say there as well.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Monday, February 4, 2013

Demo Wars - Week One (The Battle of Love)

I'm just gonna quickly go over the idea behind this Demo Wars thing again before (hopefully) you scroll down to the listening part (or you can do that and read this after you press play on the first track...).

These are raw song ideas. They are not meant to sound finished or polished, because they're not. I've deliberately left them that way so that these sketches can, hopefully, go all technicolour on my ass in the studio. BUT - to me a good song can be seen in the sketch, it has the potential to reach you with or without 'Zach-Tyler America' producing and mixing the track for a couple of grand.

So before I book him, I need your help in deciding which ones to use. 

Here goes....a couple of softies to begin...

The nature of song-writing is that a writer will often create songs sourced from a similar muse - and that's awesome - but people don't want to hear 12-15 of that vibe. I have a number of songs that I love that, unfortunately, do sound similar. Yeah, I can do one on piano and the other on guitar but that's cheating. So some tough calls have to be made...or not...I'm after impressions, so pick your favourite or pick them both.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B 

Please feel free to comment on the songs or, if words come hard, vote in the poll below - everything is appreciated.

Which song wins the war?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Demo Wars!

Ello ello to all!

I hope, like me, you've all had an amazing festive holiday - wherever you are in the world. You can probably guess by my lack of updates of late that mine has been particularly indulgent. But now I'm back in creation mode, plans are in place for a big 2013 and I'd love for you to play a big part in all the fun. Starting next week.

Why next week? Well, I just had this idea, so the timing suits for this man of spontaneity - next week is when I am going to begin sharing with you home demos of what will become my first solo release. The reason for this is that I want you all to have an input into what songs I'll take into a proper studio.

I'm going to call this enterprise "Demo Wars"!

Every week for the next wee while I want to reveal two songs to you that are battling to be a part of my final lineup - often because they are quite similar in sound or vibe and I don't want the record to be monotonous.

What I'd love, is for you to let me know which ones 'get you', which ones draw you in and make you want to hear how they'll develop in a studio situation.

I'm going to run a poll every week on my Facebook page and also collect comments both there and here on this blog.

I realise that there's only so many of you listening, but I'll appreciate any and all feedback. I no longer have a band to provide 'quality control' so it's now you who have the job of either praising me, giving me the silent treatment or simply shooting me down. And don't worry about the latter - I have a thick skin....hopefully!

 So come Monday, NZ Time, the games begin!