Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New toy, great song

I had my first wee live try out of my new recording toy last night(one of these: - I'm still pretty crap at it all, but my main use for it is to demo ideas, rather than produce a polished product, so I'm stoked it can sound pretty decent anyway!

Anyway, here's a track I recorded, it's a cover of an amazing song by a buzz act called Lana Del Rey. She only has a few youtube songs out and nothing you can buy just yet, but I'm predicting big things.

And here's the original:

Chasing on a Motorway

We were all by ourselves
No more money
We were moving our lives
Fading family
Rolling our dice
To break on through into another world.

Say goodbye to our home
The memory's banished
It's a whole new view
From the people's palace
We were playing our cards
To break on through into another world.

This is all too much
Feast or famine
It's a long way down
Honey, hold my hand
If you're game, stick close
We'll break on through into another world.