Friday, February 4, 2011

The Lake

There's a lake in the city where the buildings never grew. 
And a wild reminder of my state. 
The firmest foundations had been carefully laid
For an ever unreal game. 

The plans were a marvel - the daydream ever grew. 
The keystone was solid - the daydream ever grew. 
The workers were callow - the daydream ever grew. 
But I failed to accommodate any essence of you. 

So the work was abandoned, the plans were laid waste. 
And a hole in the earth was all that remained. 
And though this was desolate, stark and bare
I often would wander and think of you there. 

Season on season had laid its fair weather
And the hole in the ground was filled up forever
The daydream now buried under emerald allure...
My youth was enshrined. Still and secure.