Monday, June 28, 2010

Alas, I cannot swim...

There's a house across the river, but alas. I cannot swim
And a garden of such beauty that the flowers seem to grin
There's a house across the river, but alas, I cannot swim
I'll live my life regretting that I never jumped in

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Masters of the Makeover...

Forget Trinny and Susannah, DIY Rescue, Dr 90210, Extreme Makeover (even the tear-inducing home edition!) and Pimp My Ride - I have discovered the people behind some of the greatest makeovers in world history.

Wait for it....

Led Zeppelin.

For some of you, this will be old news, but for my generation it is most-likely not. I believe that, in their time, Led Zep was well-known for appropriating other artists riffs/lyrics/melodies but this fact seems to have faded with time.

I'm slowly making my way through a Led Zep biography, When Giants Walked the Earth, which details the band's rise - largely through the masterminding of Jimmy Page and the band's manager Peter Grant.

It also reveals the sources behind some of their most well-known songs. I'm just gonna let you listen and judge for yourself but know that, with all these songs, the band took what was before and made it incredible and eventually owned up and credited ALMOST all of the original sources in some way (despite originally claiming 100% songwriting credit).

Small Faces, You Need Loving (originally recorded by Muddy Waters, written by Willy Dixon).

Jake Holmes, Dazed and Confused.

Sonny Boy Williamson, Bring it on Home.

AND Led Zep's version of Bring it on Home...

And the coup de grĂ¢ce...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My job

A friend recently informed me that it was my job to let them know what music I had discovered of late. Of course, they were joking, but thinking about it more I suppose I am in a position more fortunate to most of being able to have a great excuse to explore new and old artists in the name of research.

Part being a musician and writer is the act of being immersed in music and life as much as possible - the more you listen and experience, the easier it is to be inspired and create. Without it, I believe one would become irrelevant.

So anyway - I thought it would be nice to include a few more people (about 20) into the world of my musical discoveries - new and old, fresh and gone. I don't consider myself to be even remotely on the cutting edge of music and my tastes might not suit everyone - but the idea of passing on the enjoyment I find in an artist is an attractive one.

So here's a couple of freshies to kick things off:

Noah and the Whale
Album: The First Days of Spring
Not THAT new, but an album that has kept growing on me to the point where I'm really enjoying it right now. Slow, sleepy, folky and expressive - it has kept my dreams company on many a plane ride so far. Here's one highlight from the album below:

The Tallest Man on Earth
Album: The Wild Hunt
Despite an overt Bob Dylan and Woodie Guthrie influence, this album is full of stories and soulful tunes that make it stand up as an original piece well worthy of your listening ears. I suppose it's somewhat of a folk tradition to tribute your influences and at least it's done in a classy way. Folk, country music - not for everyone - but I love it. Perfect to accompany a good laze in the sun. Here's a number from the album and his awesome cover of Paul Simon's Graceland:

Enjoy! I'll post more soon.