Monday, May 24, 2010

Who I wish I was...

I first caught an inkling of Laura Marling at last year's SXSW in Texas - she was one of a bunch of acts that I'd valiantly listed as ones to catch at the festival....but didn't. It seems my vision of uncrowded, exclusive Austin venues were naive to say the least.

However I heard enough, through snippets online, to buy her debut album and I was rewarded with a beautiful addition to my iPod, if not a completely mind-blowing one.

Since then I've kept a lazy eye on her happenings and I've become more and more enamored.

Her new album, I Speak Because I Can, is now on my list of classic female singer-songwriter albums with the likes of Joni Mitchell's Blue.

To make matters even better her easy and expressive voice translates amazingly live. There are countless people in the world who can hold a tune, but very few who can take that tune and layer it with that indescribable dose of humanity so that it touches your soul.

Anyway, please enjoy Laura Marling live like I have:

The only thing that slightly confuses me about her is that, despite the sound of her singing voice, she's British. No slight at all. It was just unexpected.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There are no maps...

Bloody hell - blogs are hard to keep up.

I need to demand a raise from my boss so the required amount of motivation hands me the spirit to update this without four-month breaks!

Bloody hell, the shame of it all. In any case, my Twitter account has been busy so I have at least some semblance of my original goal, of safekeeping my memories for the future, intact.

My Dad does not approve of this method of "keeping in touch" and probably quite rightly so - 140 character messages hardly encourage proper spelling and grammar and this kind of English is presumably puzzling to his generation. However, it's value now finds me as a note-taking chronicle of my life and interests.

Some highlights of MY thrilling, illegible Twitter account from the past few months include:

"Gonna be playing some solo acoustic shows in AK city in March/April. My solo-live virginity will be gone..."

"Bat For Lashes covering Radiohead - god I want to sing with her..."

"WTF? "The length of a day is shorter by 1.26 microseconds after Chilean earthquake" wonder my toast got burnt that morning!"

"Came as close as I'll probly ever come to love at first sight at roasted addiqtion this arvo..."

"Pet shop boys is playing in this southern man's ale house..."

"Ah rydges...your bed is supremely sleepy..."

"Saw Alice in Wonderland last nite, 3/5 for me, was like a hot girl wit no personality..nice 2 look at bt cant make u feel anythin worthwhile"

"Thank you Suzuki for creating my newest most-hated TV Ad."

"I would like to find a good coffee one day..."

"The warriors are playing an hour and 3/4 set before I play tonite at mt smart. Dream opening act right there."

"First visit to dentist in approx. 6 years...pretty stoked with only 2 fillings required! Thank you Dental Associates!"

"Baseball draft done....yearly obsession begins again...."

"Body is breaking down - MUST be due to toast deprivation....gonna resume the addiction today!"

"For once and for all - I am NOT the face of the "Becks List"...."

"Got skifree on my iPhone to re-live the days of Windows 3.1.1 but the yeti doesn't eat u once ur past the finish line. Very disappointing."

"My new glasses make their debut in our new vid, chur to LA Eyeworks and Occhiali Optical!"

"Face still numb...cant eat for fear of eating own mouth....oh the hunger!"

"And this is a pineapple plant -"

"Wat is the better of two evils? Credit cards, or owning a car?"

"Let the LA games begin...might buy me some LA Gear while I'm here, won't buy me a pear, no fresh fruit here to share."

"Sound check sorted 4 big show 2nite @ the Whiskey - gonna b sweet! We met Si's ginger twin yesterday too: amazing"

"You know Las Vegas is another world when their McDonalds serves pepsi with their"

"Lifts that move in a diagonal direction freak me the fuck out..."

"Kfc USA has wedges instead of chips AND they dnt make u feel guilty 4 asking 4 sauce! Amazing."

"Me taking on KFC's famous double down sandwich - no bread here ppl! So bad, but so good..."

"Toast, coffee, cricket, South Africa struggling in sport - perfect first morning back in NZ!"

"Gonna go chill backstage wit the chills, drink a chilled beer and get some chills while I listen to the chills live."

"First Kookaburra wake-up call in OZ...hilarious day ahead."

So yeah - pretty boring really.

Hopefully some amazingly enthralling events take place over the coming months as the band's album is released in Oz and we tour the hell out of it.

But, once again, my future is largely in the dark. I found a quote on my phone the other day, most likely discovered and hastily hashed in a boozed frenzy, that brings me solace for my situation.

"There are no maps to any place worth going to."

I will update this again when my road leads me back, whenever that may be.

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