Monday, November 9, 2009

Slap in the face!!

I've just given my self one of the above for being useless at writing anything on here of late.

The idea of this blog was to chronicle the events of my life so I wouldn't forget anything that went a round-about kind of way.

The truth is that for the past few weeks my life has been pretty uneventful. I was feeling, frankly, bollocks for most of that time during which the most I achieved socially was to head to Tauranga to get spoilt by my family and do some fishing (I got to crank out my sweet straw hat (rescued from road-abandonment) so I was happy).

We're into the time of year where corporate gigs dominate the band's agenda. We played in a quarry over the weekend for a xmas doo - awesome. And we've played shows for Air NZ and Myspace recently too. At the latter I met the good people from Welly band Family Cactus, who all come from great pedigree, and I was super impressed. Check them out over summer if you can!

We're also getting the chance to write a bunch of new songs which is exciting. We're pretty lucky to be given the chance to be a fulltime band, so we're trying to make the most of it. As the lyricist of the band it can be a bit tricky writing new songs in a studio as the words invariably come last in the process - so if we want to play the song live I need to work fast, which can sometimes be hard as I think lyric-writing is the kind of thing that largely needs to be a free and unforced process. So we currently have a number of half-complete songs with such amazing working titles as "Simon's Intergalactic Adventure" and "Simon Dallow".

The rest of this week for me is filled with more rehearsing, TV show filming(7 Days), a meet and greet session at Sylvia Park, a mate's bday party and an acoustic performance at a charity dinner. THEN! I move into my real, own room!!

Yes, my hobo/transient existence is coming to an end, for now. After about 6 months crashing in my car, on friends' floors/couches/beds, in relations' lovely abodes and a seaside mansion I will be living and paying for my own space, albeit temporarily, from this weekend. Am rather excited.

I'll tell you all about it soooooon!!

Listen to this song till then: